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In 2014 SIL-AIR was founded, as a spin-off of Werther International, and is the owner of the compressor business of Werther International.

SIL-AIR is a worldwide market leader in manufacturing silent compressors and compressors for medical uses.

Our compressors are designed to match different applications and are very popular all over the world: labs, dental clinics, hospitals, professional beauty centres, fine art studios and industries are already using these reliable compressors.

‘Sil-Air’ and ‘Dental-Air’ compressors are already delivered to more than 100 countries worldwide and an extensive distribution network grants a reliable after-sale support to all customers.

SIL-AIR SRL is an manufacturer based in Italy.

Air-compressed main field of operations:

Silent compressors
Hobby compressors
Oil-free compressors for dentists, laboratories, clinics etc
Oil-free compressors for industries

“Market oriented attitude, flexibility and personalization of the product are since ever the guide lines of our marketing mission.”

E. Zanini, President
Main values
Product innovation
High quality standards
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Who we are

Our silent compressors business has lasted for over 45 years, stretching back to when we were still a part of Werther international.

Today, we are a manufacturer of a wide range of professional and medical compressors.

All of our compressors are 100% made in Italy. Our 15 000 sqm facility is located in Cade, Reggio Emilia, around 100 km south of Milan.

We offer one of the best price-quality ratios on the market, as well as a very high innovation standard level and a fully customized product range.
Around 95% of our production is exported.

Our main markets are:
  • Germany
  • USA
  • Mid and northern Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • The far East
  • Italy
  • Northern Africa
We also own the following patents and certification approvals:
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 13485 (ISO MEDICAL)
  • CSA/US
  • EAC and Gost Medical (for Russia)
  • CE mark

Our evolution

Over the years, our range of products and markets have changed a lot

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